Can't find the gene!

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Fri Sep 29 15:00:43 EST 1995


I have compared bovine and chicken sequences to design primers to
conserved regions and used these primers to clone mouse, human and rat

If your reaction works on human genomic DNA, then your problems are with
the mouse DNA in some way.  If you can't get the human DNA to work, then
you need to redo something, either PCR conditions or primers or both.

First, can you use the primers on cDNA?  The complexity of cDNA is 1/100
that of genomic so you have a better chance to get the real sequence to

Second,  if not, don't forget to do southerns on your mouse pcr products.
 always include some human pcr product as a positive for the blot.

If your primers are designed to span an intron, well mouse just may have
a bigger intron.  Some of our work recently has been very frustrating. 
We can amplify cDNA and plasmid sequences but trying to go from genomic
DNA and isolate introns doesn't work. 

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