Sma I digestion of genomic DNA

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   Dear BioNetters

   Does anyone have any experience with the digestion of plant genomic DNA using 
   the blunt cutter Sma I?   I cannot get it to cut genomic plant DNA, even if 
   the DNA has been Cesium-purified.  Addition of 2.5 mM spermidine has no 
   effect.  I have tried maize, potato, tomato, casava; all which are easily cut 
   by enzymes like Hind III, Pst I or Eco RI.  Lambda controls cut fine with the 
   same Sma I.  Is the isoschizomer Xma I any better on genomic DNA?

   Thanks very much

   Johan Burger


We work with plant mitochondrial DNA.  We have experienced trouble doing mt genome
digests with Sma I.  Unfortunately I don't have a solution for you since it wasn't
that critical for us so we tried for a while and them quit.  Just responding so you
know that your not the only one that has expericenced that trouble.


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