mac prgram for creating silent mutations

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Sat Sep 30 17:00:27 EST 1995

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kwilson at ORCHID.UCSC.EDU (Kevin Wilson) wrote:

<Hi to all:
<        I am looking for a mac program like the silmut program for the PC
<which helps one design silent mutations in genes to introduce restriction
<sites. If anyone knows of such a program, please email information about
<the program and how to get it. Thanks!
<Kevin Wilson

You can do it indirectly using MacVector.  Take your nucleotide 
sequence and translate it into the amino acid sequence.  Then use 
the reverse translate option on that to get back a degenerate
nucleotide sequence.  Then you can search that for restriction sites
to see all the possible sites that can be introduced into the
DNA silently.

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