Storing Northerns

Eric C. Anderson e-anderson at
Wed Sep 27 09:09:27 EST 1995

dear bionet-folk:

i recently came to a new lab where i will be doing a great many (about 90
different probes) Northern blots with some semi-precious RNA (the grad
student who made it is about to leave and nobody else knows or wants to
know the isolation protocol she used because it took her 2 weeks to do
it).  what i would like to do is to run all the gels and do all the blots
at one time, store the blots and probe them sequentially, approximately 4
or 6 at a time.  however, my new PI is concerned about degradation and
losing this RNA over time of storage.

in the past, i have stored dried, unprobed northerns at -20oC in Saran
Wrap or Seal-a-meal bags.  they worked fine after as long as 6 months (the
longest i ever tried) or storing them.  but these were blots using yeast,
C. elegans or mouse RNA, not exactly precious and easily re-made if

i'm wondering if there is a concensus (or any good suggestions) for
storing Northerns.  has anyone done a time-course for storage induced
degradation?  or was my previous protocol good enough for short to medium
term storage.

thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.


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