Help explain my DNA bands smearing

Michiaki Masuda masuda at
Mon Sep 25 17:16:56 EST 1995

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>Hello, recently I did a gel electrophoresis on genomic DNA isolated from 
>Arabidopsis. The samples were restricted with MluI, EcoRI and SAU3A.
>I expected to see distinct bands of DNA but ended up with smears in all 
>my lanes.


    I believe that the Arabidopsis genome is too large to give any discrete
bands after being digested by a 6-base or 4-base cutter. In other words,
you seem to be getting the result which should be expected. You could run uncut
genomic DNA as a control. If the enzyme that you used are supposed to give
distinct bands corresponding to satellite DNA or other repetitive sequences,
that's another story.

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