MJ Research 100 microliter rxn?

Mike Finney mikef at mjr.com
Sun Sep 24 18:25:08 EST 1995

In article <DFB3I0.5su at tzv.fal.de>, carnwath at tzv.fal.de (J.Carnwath) wrote:

>We want to use 100 microliter PCR reaction volume for our RT-PCR protocol
>and are about to purchase an MJ Cycler PTC 200.  The problem is deciding
>which block configuration to purchase.  Has anyone successfully used 0.2
>ml tubes with 100 microliters in the DNA Engine?

Yes, 100 microliter volumes work well in the 0.2-ml tubes.  The
"calculated sample temperature" algorithm of the PTC-200 has been
validated up to 100 mircroliters with these tubes, so you can use that


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