primer extension

Ken Howe howe at DARWIN.UCSC.EDU
Mon Apr 1 15:31:45 EST 1996

I don't have a protocol for such, but I do have a comment on internal
labeling in primer extension.  If you're using RNA purified from cells,
there's a lot of bits and pieces of DNA floating around that will
prime just about anywhere, and so you'll get a huge background.  I don't
know what you want to do, but I just thought you should know this.

Hope you get what you need.


On 1 Apr
1996, EFDG wrote:

> Date: 1 Apr 1996 13:00:13 GMT
> From: EFDG <iow at>
> To: methods at
> Subject: primer extension
> Hello,
> Does anybody know of a protocol which labels primer extension products by
> incorpration of alpha-labelled 32P instead of end labelling the primer with
> gamma-labelled 32P dATP?
> Stuart
> E-mail: iow at

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