Drying sequencing gels

Petur Henry Petersen php at rhi.hi.is
Mon Apr 1 07:07:34 EST 1996

In <199603290244.SAA06235 at net.bio.net> jrebers at nmu.edu (John Rebers) writes:

>We've been having problems lately drying sequencing gels.  Even after 2
>hours at 75 degrees C, the gels aren't dry.  The same settings, dryer, and
>pump worked reasonably well in the past, and the pump oil was changed
>recently.  Any suggestions?

	lets start with: is it vacum-drying and is it working? If that
is working i would suggest that you put the plastic on the wrong side ;)
If no vacum (the pump must be for something) but working pump I would
suggest problems with TBE in your dryer. 

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