BIAcore, IAsys, Westerns

Sanjay Krishnaswamy skrishna at
Tue Apr 2 16:50:13 EST 1996

Hi, netfolk!

I'm looking at different types of macromolecule detectors designed to 
detect some sort of molecule/ligand binding (e.g. antibody/antigen or 
ssDNA/complementary strand).  Two such are the BIAcore from Pharmacia and 
the IAsys from Fisons.  
	Can anyone tell me what the sensitivities of these systems are?  
I assume the sensitivity scales with the Kd of whatever you are 
monitoring.  I mean, what practically can you measure before your signal 
gets lost?
	I guess it would be useful to compare that against what you might 
expect from a western blot (for protein detection) or a Southern (for 
DNA).  Actually I find it hard to get really good data, strangely enough, 
on what kind of S/N you expect from a Western anyhow.

	Anyway: are the BIAcore and IAsys systems easy to use and set 
up?  How quantitative are they?  I'd like to hear stories about what 
people's labs use them for and how satisfied they are.

					Thanks in advance,

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