Any Problems With Oligo's??

Ted M. tedm at
Mon Apr 1 12:37:19 EST 1996

Fellow Bionetters,
   Recently a researcher in our Institute TA cloned a problem PCR product
to find several incorrect bases in the region added by his primers,
indicating 3-4 wrong bases in his oligos (each oligo!!). Since my lab is
currently in cloning hell, we immediately suspected that some of our
pimers (from the same supplier) are wrong as well. Rather than dis the
supplier, who happens to be in the midst of an ultra low price campaign, I
'll ask if anyone has had recent bad oligos from any source. What company
did you use? I'll be trying to TA clone the bad PCR products to see where
the error lies but often there is a large element of trust involved with
oligo buying and no one has the time for bad oligos. I'd appreciate any
input here.

Ted Michelini
Institute of Molecular Biology
University of Oregon
tedm at

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