TAE vs. TBE?

Michael Lassner mikel51 at pa.mother.com
Wed Apr 3 14:07:01 EST 1996

As I remember from ancient days of using M13 to sequence, the mobility of single stranded 
and double stranded DNAs differ in TAE and TBE.  The relative migrations are very dependent 
on agarose concentration.  Perhaps in one buffer system the single and double stranded DNAs 
comigrate and in the other system they are separatedScott Hodgson wrote:
> I recently generated ssDNA via arithmetic PCR on a linearized plasmid for
> use as a strand specific probe.  While the product of this reaction
> (1000nt) appears clean  when run in a TBE agarose gel, two very distinct
> bands (1000nt & 925nt) are apparent when TAE is used.

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