EtBr staining acrylamide gels

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In article <Dp90Eo.AEC at>, dguttman at (David S. Guttman) writes:
>Does anyone know if it is possible to incorporate EtBr dye into a
>polyacrylamide gel while casting so that the DNA stains is stained as
>it is run?
>Thanks in advance.
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I've run flatbed submarine polyacrylamide gels with 0.1 ug/mL of EtBr (mixed
into acrylamide before polymerization); DNA bands were stained quite 
adequately.  The point to remember is that ethidium migrates 
toward the negative pole in electrophoresis (opposite direction from DNA) so 
you have to include an equal concentration of ethidium in the buffer at the 
bottom of the gel.

Good luck!

M. Williams
University of Georgia

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