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Bernard Murray bernard at
Fri Apr 5 01:21:31 EST 1996

In article <4k0lf3$p2f at>, leach at says...
>Roche will hunt you down!
>Look on Promega's www site ( and in their taq legal
>section there is a list of infringers (scientists) that Roche has also filed


Since you are the notorious rumour man...  What's the status on Roche's
attempts to bring legal action against people using "non licenced"
thermal cyclers for PCR?
	Is it also true that they are gunning after Pharmacia and
trying to get them to put a notice in their nucleotide packs that
they are "not licenced for use in the PCR process"?  I had also
heard a rumour that all oligo manufacturers were going to have to pay
a fee to Roche to allow their products to be legally used in PCR.
The producers of magnesium chloride had better watch their backs....!

I guess Roche are one step away from sueing people with cancer for
containing "unlicenced potential PCR templates".  What do they do
with all the money anyway - use it to finance their attorneys?

		Bernard (just waiting for the patent to run out...)

Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
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