Recombinant phage antibody system

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: > Dear Colleagues,
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: > I would appreciate if anyone out-there can tell me his experience about 
: > the preparation of "Coliclonal Antibody".  Are Pharmacia's products good 
: > enough to a beginner to produce coliclonal antibody ?  
: > 


I haven't tried the Pharmacia Ab kit, but I do work with phage displayed
antibodies and can let you know what I've heard from people actually
using the kit.

First of all: If you are not used to doing molecular biology, make sure
to get somebody who is to help you. From what I hear, the PCR's involved
CAN be troublesome.

On the other hand, if the clonings are succesful, the general principle
of the system and the resulting Abs should be allright.

If you plan to use it, make sure to get the anti M13 HRP-conjugated 
Abs from Pharmacia, they work just fine in Westerns and ELISA.

Good luck,

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