Glucose phosphate isomerase

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> Is there a kit to detect Glucose phosphate isomerase isozymes (GPI) ?

I take it that you want to resolve isozymes by non-denaturing
electrophoresis, then stain for the different PGI isozyme forms in the
The recipe that was used in L.D. Gottlieb's lab (UCal Davis)for
staining plant PGI is

PGI Stain: 10 ml 1 M Tris-Cl pH8
            5 ml 1% F-6-P
            2 ml 0.5% NADP
            4 ml 0.5% MTT (3-[4,5-dimethylthizol-2-yl]-
                             2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide)
            1 ml 0.5% PMS (phenazine methosulfate)
            40 U G6PDH
          QS 100 ml
The PGI isozymes will stain purple in the gel in a few minutes to one
hour at 30 - 37oC.
Your library should have books on isozyme analysis too.

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