Blocking Chloroplast RNA

Peter Gegenheimer pgegen at
Thu Apr 4 22:35:08 EST 1996

In <Pine.A32.3.92a.960403142614.17074B-100000 at>, Edward Doran <edoran at> writes:
>Good Afternoon,
>       I'm looking for a way to block chloroplast RNA transcription.  The
>trick is that I'm working with a chromophytic alga that appears to be
>rifampicin resistant.  Any suggestions?
>       Thanks in advance! :)
Plant chloroplast RNA polymerase is sensitive to a fungal peptide called 
Tagetin(TM). I haven't used it but that is the claim. It's available from 
Epicentre in Madison, WI (800-284-8474); their catalogue has some literature 
references you could check out.

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