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Brett Beitzel brett_beitzel at MSMTP.IDDE.SACI.ORG
Fri Apr 5 10:10:41 EST 1996

Subject:Re: removal of unused primer from PCR      Date: 4/5/96

I usually use microcon-100s from Amicon to remove excess primer/primer
dimer/etc.  The 100kDa cut-off translates to approx 120bp (I think), so stuff
smaller than that will pass through the filter, larger stuff will be
retained.  They are easy to use, and it takes approx. 30 min to go from PCR
rxn to dry, clean pellet.
There are several other companies that make ultrafiltration devices similar
to the Microcon.  Pall Filtron is one, I can't think of the others off the
top of my head.

Hope this helps,
Brett Beitzel
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