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Fri Apr 5 08:03:11 EST 1996

Hi Jesse,

I prefer the targetted approach.

I made a series of PCR fragments where I could control where the fragment
would be. I had tons of template (clones/subclones) and the pcr was a
breeze. Make a t-vector version of your reporter construct and clone in your
pcr fragment.


p.s. I performed this for 5' and 3' deletions .....would have used an
exonucleoase III method but did not have any appropriate enzyme sites to use
such a method

: Dear Netters,
: 	I need to make a set of nested deletions and am considering using
: Exonuclease III to remove nucleotides unidirectionally from by DNA of
: interest.  I would appreaciate any comments/advice from anyone with
: experience using this technique.  Also, I have seen kits for this.  Does
: anyone have experience with these.  Thanks in advance.

: Jesse

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