Pellet paint ?

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Fri Apr 5 17:11:43 EST 1996

Ted M. (tedm at wrote:

| Has anyone out there tried Novagen's "pellet paint" - for precipitating 
| and visualising small quantities of nucleic acid ?
| If so, does it perform as claimed ?

> What is pellet paint????

: Don't really know..Perhaps dye linked glycogen? Seems like a gimmick to
: me but then I never was impressed by the red (or green) radionucleotides
: either.

I sure hope it's not EtBr! A long time ago I used to do CsCl-EB bouyant density
ultracentrifugation for plasmid purification and with a large amount of DNA
coming off the band, it takes many, many extractions to remove the EtBr. The
pellet from precipitating the DNA is pink if you don't get it all out. I'm not
willing to trust my DNA with it unless I know what it is. Can someone explain
why you would be able to visualize the DNA under UV using this stuff?

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