HB-4 rotor

EFDG iow at aber.ac.uk
Fri Apr 5 06:08:37 EST 1996

In article <4k00pm$a39 at ratatosk.uio.no>, lakleczk at bioslave.uio.no says...
>Dear Netters,
>I want to try a protocol for isolation of nuclei from plant tissue.  The 
>authors used HB-4 rotor at 4000 rpm.  Does anybody know what kind of 
>rotor (company) is that or what the corresponding g-force would be.

The HB-4 rotor is a swing out rotor from Sorvall (Dupont)  with 4 x 50 ml 
buckets and a radius of 5.75 inches.

The max speed is:  13,000 rpm  or 27,600 x g  and the equivalent g-force to 
4000 rpm is 2,520 x g.


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