DNA laddering (apoptosis)

Dr. Simmen's Lab simmenlab at animal.ufl.edu
Mon Apr 8 11:16:38 EST 1996

I am interested in performing some very preliminary experiments to assess 
apoptosis.  I am new to this field and have a couple of questions for 
someone who has performed such assays.  First, is the DNA laddering the best 
initial assay to perform.  I realize there are many specific markers for 
apoptosis but do not want to go to the expense of purchasing them until we 
have some indication that apoptosis is occurring in our tissue of interest.  
If this is a good screening for apoptosis are there any established 
protocols or is it simply a matter of isolating genomic DNA and running a 
agarose gel?  Secondly, does the tissue have to be fresh (i.e., not frozen) 
or can these assays be performed on frozen tissue sections?  Any input will 
be appreciated.


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