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Alexander Kraev kraev at
Mon Apr 8 08:15:28 EST 1996

>I always did get nice flat RAPD gels but all of a sudden the second half of
the gel seems to run slower than the first and the patterns are bent to the
lower right corner of the gel. Does anyone have an idea what could be going on?<

There are three possible causes of this:
1. There is a buffer leak between the spacer and the gel. Sometimes
a tiny channel of liquid separates the spacer from the gel, which
conducts a relatively high current. The adjacent area heats up, and
consequently the bands bend towards the lower corner.
2. There was some gel polymerised between one of the spacers and the
glass plate. Such gel displays not just the "frowning", but a kind of
"band sucking" effect from lower corner.
3. One of your spacers is bent and the gel is therefore thicker at
one side. The thinner side heats up less and the bands run faster
on the thicker side.
I hope this helps,

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