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>  I'm looking for a general purpose fluorometer.  I want to be able to 
>vary excitation and emission wavelengths, whether by filters or 
>monochrometers.  I don't want an instrument that is specialized for 
>measuring DNA concentrations.  I thought Hoefer made one, but I'm having 
>trouble finding them.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.
Turner Deisngs has a filter fluorometer with a quick change filter holder
that holds four sets of fitlers.  You can have additional ones if you want.
 Light source is easily changed if you need it.  Abotu $5000.  Check out
molecular probes info ont their SYBR dyes and other applications.
Hoefer is now part of Pharmacia, and do have a great $2500 Hoechst dye

Turner Designs can be contacted at:   mfeld at ix.netcom.com (Pam Mayerfeld)

Walt Schick

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