abi-autoseq problems

Lawrence Washington lwashing at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Tue Apr 9 15:54:16 EST 1996

In article <4kbncb$2tq at usenet.ucs.indiana.edu>, ajkelly at ucs.indiana.edu
(aaron jacob kelly) wrote:

> Hi All, 
> Our lab has an ABI 377 that has been working fine for 3 months.  Now we 
> have a fluorescence problem.  The plates fluoresce red or blue with or 
> without a gel.  The technical support guys came out and said the laser 
> and the detector are fine.  They suggested that the MeOH or something I 
> am using on the plates is causing the fluorsecence.  I took brand new 
> plates, removed the dust with compressed air, and did a plate check.  
> These plates are fluorescing as bright as the others.  Any suggestions?
> Karen Hershberger
> khershbe at indiana.edu
> Pace Lab

Hi Karen,

This and similar difficulties have been discussed here before, so you are
not alone.  Unfortunately I do not remember the solution (our Li-Cor
autosequencer seems to be immune to plate fluorescence interference, due
to the type of laser used, I think).  You might try posting your question
to bionet.genome.autosequencing where you will be addressing a more
specific audience.


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