fluorometer or spectrofluorometer, who sells 'em

Dan Johnson adj8n at avery.med.virginia.edu
Tue Apr 9 12:47:47 EST 1996

In article <4kc2je$ohs at sol.caps.maine.edu>, rroxby at maine.maine.edu (Robert
Roxby) wrote:

> Hi,
>   I'm looking for a general purpose fluorometer.  I want to be able to 
> vary excitation and emission wavelengths, whether by filters or 
> monochrometers.  I don't want an instrument that is specialized for 
> measuring DNA concentrations.  I thought Hoefer made one, but I'm having 
> trouble finding them.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

	Try Perkin Elmer.  I used their approximately 20 year old instrument for
enzyme assays with methylumbelliferone as a fluorochrome substrate, and it
was a really robust piece of equipment.  They sell a newer version that is
a digital display, but as of 2 years ago, they still sold the robust,
"tank" model.  So they should still have instruments available.  Good luck.

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