HA Tag cross reactivity

L. Fliegel lfliegel at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Tue Apr 9 11:56:05 EST 1996


We are trying to do some work adding on an HA tag to proteins.  This has
basicaly worked however we have found that the antibody to the HA
tag (Monoclonal commercially available) seems to cross react very
strongly with an 80 kda protein and a couple smaller bands.  Has anyone had
same expierence.  The strange thing is that in different projects we
found the same 80 kda band reacting whether the control was from mammalian
tissues or yeast.  If anyone has seen this before and found out how to 
deal with it please let me know.  Also, if you have used the HA tag
on Westerns please let me know how you blocked the blot and what detection
system was used.
Tx  lfliegel at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca

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