Help with Electroporation!!!

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Tue Apr 9 15:57:05 EST 1996

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   pemanuel at (Peter) wrote:
->My electroporation didn't work.
->I used the BIO RAD E coli gene pulser which lacks the ability to alter
->many parameters.
->Their self test indicates the machine is OK.

Very graphical test for machine itself (hey, maybe their "self test isn't 
working too!): put some salt solution in cuvette. If there is an arcing during
the pulse, then porator is OK. 

->The cells are XL-Blue (300ul) at 2.5kV in a 0.2cm gap cuvette (Cold)
			If this is true, it could be your problem. 
Standard volume is 40-50 ul. With 300 ul the pulse is probably too short
to get decent efficiency. 

->The plates are 100ug/ml carbenecillin.
->No colonies. nothing with my ligation mixes.
->Then I tried Supercoiled puC18. No colonies when I added 5 ul of a
->..01ng/ul solution of pUc18 which came from Stratagene.
->I even bought some Stratagene electro comp cells and they didn't work either.

- Dima

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