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Wed Apr 10 12:06:43 EST 1996

Jackie Fetherston (jdf at wrote:

: I am looking for antibiotic cassettes, i.e. antibiotic resistance genes that
: are flanked on either side by restriction sites so that
: the whole gene can be inserted into the site of your choice.  I thought 
: Pharmacia use to market them as Gene-Blocs or something like that.  I have
: a kan cassette in pUC-4K and a cat gene but would like ampicillin. 

There are several of these things floating around. From the references below,
you should be able to find just about any resistance gene you want.  One nice
thing about using the cassettes developed by M. Alexeyev (see Alexeyev1995c) is
that the sequence for most of the vectors can be found in GenBank. To search
GenBank using the WWW, go to my homepage listed on my .sig below and click on
"GenBank (NCBI)", then "Searching Genbank", then "Text searching". When you get
to the NCBI search form, you can enter either "Hengen" or "Alexeyev" to find
the sequences. It's that easy...Oh, and the DNA for a complete set can be
purchased from:

Phabagen Collection
Department of Molecular Cell Biology
Padualaan 8
Postbox 80.056
3508 TB Utrecht
The Netherlands
tel: 030-533584
fax: 030-513655
e-mail: phabagen at


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