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>>Do you know when the patent protection expires ?
>About 16 years or so in the US and a little longer in Europe!

Inventor: Mullis et al.

Title: Process for amplifying, detecting, and/or cloning nucleic acid
sequences using a thermostable enzyme

Patent Number: 4,965,188

Date of Patent: * Oct. 23, 1990

*Notice: The portion of the term of this patent subsequent to Jul. 28, 2004
has been disclaimed.

    Therefore, there are about 8 years left.  There are also other
amplification methods, although they may also be patented.  Also, no
researcher has EVER been prevented from using patented methods in their work
(regardless of any list or possible law suit).  There IS a specific
exception for research.  If you are going to market a product from your
research this would be another matter.  

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