weird, strange and inexplicable membrane proteins recovery.

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Wed Apr 10 17:20:21 EST 1996

In article <4kfsr5$o8j at>, mazella at says...
>after treatment of plated cells with 0,5 M NaCl for 3 min at 37=B0C, the
>recovery of membrane proteins is 5 fold greater than untreated cells. Does
>anyone know the explanation?
>thanks in advance
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For a "weird, strange *AND* inexplicable" problem I can only
give a vague, fuzzy and wishy-washy reply... ;-)

Maybe the protein(s) of interest is sticking to the culture vessel
and the high salt wash is eluting them.  This would be analagous
to elution of protein from an ion-exchange column.  This treatment
should also reduce the adherence of hydrophobic domains of membrane
proteins to plastic.  I have no idea of the biophysical properties of
the protein in which you are interested so I don't know which is the
dominant interaction - if you are interested you could try eluting
with a pH change (should only affect ionic interactions) or detergent
(should only effect hydrophobic interactions).  Tissue culture vessels
are usually treated to improve cell attachment and I believe that this
has something to do with a change of surface charge.
	At the end of the day I think I'd just rejoice in your
good protein recovery...

	Felicitations, luck and bonne chance!


Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
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