How to crack yeast for PCR ??

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>> Let me come to my question:
>> Is this DNA-isolation really necessary or is there an easier way to
>> perform a reliable PCR. (Just like with E. coli where you just take a 
>> little colony and add the whole cells to your reaction.)
>> If anybody has experience with this or can contribute any other 
>> suggestions on how to run the PCR etc. please let me know...
>> Thanx in advance.
>> Mike
>I used the method from G.M.Sathe et al. described in NAR (19) 17:4775
>(1991) for detecting insert sizes in my plasmids. But even with that
>method I only found about 1/5 of all samples working. So I went back to
>extract plasmids before PCR to have reliable results. I would be very
>interestted too if someone else has a good protocol for it.

Try the protocol in Nucleic Acids Research vol 23, 4924-4925 (1995).  The 
method is simple, rapid and extremely reliable in our hands.
Good Luck.

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