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>>... "Trizol" (sic)...
>>Does anyone know who the manufacturer of this reagent is?...

>Gibco/BRL "Life Sciences" sells this. It is about $150 for 250mL.

I realise that Gibco are the suppliers of "Trizol" but I used to something
similar from Tel-Test Inc. called RNAzol and another reagent called RNA
Stat-60.  Both worked just great, especially for cultured cells, and they
quote the Chomczynski and Sacchi reference in their protocols so I assume
that the principle is the same.  They also add the Puissant and Houdebine
modification to reduce the carryover of contaminating materials.  Prices
used to be about the same as Trizol and they could be used as a starting
point for DNA extraction (I don't know about protein extraction).
	I believe that there was an earlier post to the effect that
Tel-Test no longer sell their RNA and DNA extraction solutions.  Can
anyone comment?  I shall give them a call when I can locate their
telephone number.

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