Electroporation Cuvettes

Chris Kafer ckafer at iastate.edu
Sat Apr 13 15:29:37 EST 1996

Dilip Dias <MAD2631 at rsgis4.tamu.edu> wrote:

>WE are reusing the Gibco BRL Cuvettes again and again to do our 
>transformations even though they are disposable.  These are autoclavable 
>and we wash them with dd water (Will take off all the DNA) and autoclave 
>them for 20 min on dry cycle.  Put these in a drying oven and they are 
>ready to use.  This is only for BRL disposable cuvettes and I have not 
>used the others.  Hope this helps.
>Dilip Dias
>Texas A & M University

BTX cuvettes are also autoclavable.

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