Green Fluorecent Protein gene for Reporter

J. Pat Martinez martinez at
Sun Apr 14 06:46:34 EST 1996

BRL sells a vector containing GFP gene (500ug/~$200).  GFP has been
"humanized" by incorporating about 50 different mutations to maximize its
expression in human cells compared to the original GFP.  This modified
form may also have some benefits in other eukaryotes as well.  I have no
affiliation with BRL.

Pat M.

In article <316ea15c.8746580 at>, lagon at (Olaf
Lange) wrote:

> Toshio SAKAMOTO, Dr. <TXS25 at> wrote:
> >Does anyone have any information on the nucleotide sequence and
> >a cloned DNA fragment of Green Fluorecent Protein.
> >I would like to use the GFP gene as a reporter gene for my promoter analysis.
> >Any information is appreciated.  I am very very happy if you could give me
> >the sequence and your plasmid DNA containg the GFP gene.  If you know a
> >provider selling the plasmid, please tell me.
> >Thanks in advance.  Toshi Sakamoto   txs25 at
> I think that the GFP system is provide by "Clontech".
> they sell kits for fusion expression and i think for reporter activity

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