Dima Klenchin klenchin at macc.wisc.edu
Mon Apr 15 10:25:41 EST 1996

In article <317139CE.1EDA at blitz.de>,
   Christian Reiser <christian.reiser at blitz.de> wrote:

->does anybody have experience with the electroporator 820 from BTX 
->compared to the Gene Pulser 2 from BioRad or the apparatus from 

I don't have first-hand experience with both, but will never the less
make several comments. Since electroporator is not much more than a 
power supply + capacitor(s) + discharge circuit, reliability aside, 
there should not be much difference, provided that the machine is 
able to deliver parameters you need. IMHO:

Eurogentech's machine is unique with respect to double-pulse ability 
and in general is the most flexible on the market. Very expensive. 

I'm not sure what BTX-820 is. I'm under impression that BTX started
to emulate Bio-Rad's machine. BTX specializes in electroporation.  
The stuff that they used to make long time ago was superior but not 
very versatile. Anyway, I'd say if the price is right and you can 
directly reproduce you parameters with Hoefer, it should be a good buy. 

->have been sucessful with an electroporator from Hoefer. After our sucess 
->the porator conks out. Here in germany it is very difficult to get this 
->machine fixed. 

I'd try to bring the Hoefer unit to a good electronics workshop. As I 
said, it's not very different from power supply and knowledgable person
should be able to fix it (in the worst case it'll cost several hundreds $$
to buy parts). 


- Dima

P.S. Sure, nothing is wrong with Bio-Rad's unit. I only wonder what 
difference between GP-I and GP-II justifies price increase. 

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