Re- DNase cuts

Brett Beitzel brett_beitzel at MSMTP.IDDE.SACI.ORG
Mon Apr 15 09:16:12 EST 1996

Subject:Re: DNase cuts                             Date: 4/15/96

I would suggest trying a serial enzyme dilution to determine the appropriate
amount of enzyme to use to generate the fragment sizes you need.  Start with
1unit DNase/microgram of DNA and do a serial 2-fold dilution to, say, .004
units DNase/microgram DNA.  Digest for 1 hour, stop digest by adding EDTA,
and run products out on a gel.  This should show you which concentration of
DNase to use.

Hope this helps,
Brett Beitzel
brett_beitzel at
Cancer Therapy and Research Center
San Antonio, TX 

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