DNA extn from high phenolic tissue

Michelle Gleeson michelle at MOLECULE.BIO.UTS.EDU.AU
Mon Apr 15 19:02:33 EST 1996

Dear Michael,

A paper that uses a PVP/ascorbic acid method worked well for total na for
me, it is:  Rowhani et al.,(1993) Phytopathology V83 No.7 p749-753.  In
its ref section there is a reference to a paper by Dellaporta et al (1983)
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter V1 p19-21 that may also be helpful.
A paper dealing specifically with phenolics is:  Couch, J.A. and Fritz,
P.J. (1990) Plant Molecular Biology Reporter V8 No1 p8-12 "Isolation of
DNA from plants high in polyphenolics"
Good luck,
Michelle Gleeson
Molecular Parasitology Unit
University of Technology, Sydney
michelle.gleeson at uts.edu.au

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