Tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor ?

Joachim Kremerskothen kremers at uni-muenster.de
Mon Apr 15 09:37:28 EST 1996

In article <4k8ls3$f3j at imol2.vub.ac.be>, cgueydan at dbmdec5.ulb.ac.be (Cyril
Gueydan) wrote:

> Hello netters,
> I m trying to caracterized a phosphatase which is inhibited in vitro by
Vanadate, but not by okadaic acid.
> Do you  have any ideas about over inhibitor that  could help me to get
more information about this phosphatase ?
> Is there any inhibitor specific of Tyrosine phosphatase ?
> Thank
> Cyril
> cgueydan at dbm.ulb.ac.be

Hey Cyril,

to my knowledge their is no specific inhibitor for PTPases known so far,
but you should try molybdate, which was as effective as vanadate in my
inhibition assays for PTPase activity.

Good luck,

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