help? info re SDS effects

Juliewoods juliewoods at
Tue Apr 16 07:02:14 EST 1996

Perhaps someone can offer information about the possible detrimental
effect of 2% SDS in a buffer used to store bird or mammal tissue over long
periods of time?  Will DNA in field collected tissues be o.k. after, say,
10 years?  Will the cell membranes, membrane-bound enzymes, organelles,
etc. be instantly dissociated and destroyed?  Is this a good treatment for
virus control?  How would that work?  How long could tissue be held in
this kind of solution before beind totally broken down?  Can it just be
rinsed off with water, tissue transferred to ethanol or some other storage
fluid, and last unharmed for years if frozen?  Any advice or speculation
about this subject would be appreciated.  I would be especially happy to
be referred to any studies of this matter in the literature.
Please respond to                         Thanks, Julie

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