MINET Emmanuel student at biocell.fundp.ac.be
Tue Apr 16 04:39:52 EST 1996

            We need some help !      

         I'm trying to obtain the M-CSF promoter by PCR from total human
genomic DNA. DNA extraction method does'nt inhibit PCR amplification. We
have studied several parameters (T°, primer composition, genomic DNA
concentration) and conditions (buffers, DMSO). We have also tried a nested
PCR, without any result ! Is there anybody who can provide us some advices
? Thank in advance

Michael HERMAN
Laboratory of Cellular Biochemistry,
Facultes Universitaires ND de la Paix,
61, rue de Bruxelles,
B-5000 Namur (Belgium).
Fax: ++/32/81/72.41.35.
Email: michet at biocell.fundp.ac.be

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