Electroporation Cuvettes

Jon Stewart jds2 at ufcc.ufl.edu
Wed Apr 17 10:33:33 EST 1996

Our lab also re-uses the BioRad cuvettes, and I had a set when I was a 
post-doc that had been used over 20 times with no loss in efficiency.  
After use, we clean the cuvettes with DI water, then dip both the caps 
and the cuvettes in 70% ethanol and dry them overnight in a laminar 
flow hood under the UV lamp.  After several times, the plastic would 
turn a bit yellow, but that was the only change that we could see.

As for the price, we used to keep a count of the amount of money we 
had saved by doing this.  In a year and a half, we saved enough to buy 
a Power Macintosh and a laser printer!

Jon Stewart
University of Florida

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