pTAQ licence

john brennand john.brennand at
Wed Apr 17 06:28:39 EST 1996

Colin Rasmussen <colin at> wrote:
>> Hi, Netters
>> Display Systems Biotech, Inc will sell "HOME BREW Reagent Kit", it contains
>> pTAQ and expression host(containning pTAQ), purification buffer et al.
>> They said 5 x 500 ml culture can get more than 2.5 milllion units Taq
>> polymerase, the price is $485. Their web:
>This is as immoral as Perkin-Elmers price for Taq.  Let's see, 500 ml of 
>bacterial medium must cost at least $2, add $25 for shipping and you 
>come up with a markup of...way too f---ing much.  I find it tiresome to 
>continue to watch this mentality of charging ludicrous prices for simple 
>reagents.  Get real people.

Ahhh... the simple mathematics and logic of acadaemia.

Colin, do you really believe all companies should sell their products for cost manafacturing price + a bit to pay the rent ? 

Microsoft-ware for 75 cents (50c to academics), 
The latest REM CD for $1.50

I wish

Get real


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