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Brett Beitzel brett_beitzel at MSMTP.IDDE.SACI.ORG
Wed Apr 17 17:18:37 EST 1996

Subject:RE> SuperSignal - Ultra sensitivity        Date: 4/17/96

On 4/16, Mr Blue101 said:

>I have heard rumors that Pierce Chemical Co has >developed a new ultra
sensitive version of their >SuperSignal enhanced chemiluminescent substrate.

>Somebody who knows somebody who spoke to a guy who >had actually tried the
substrate, said that the new Pierce >stuff is at least 100 times more
sensitive than Amersham's >ECL  substrate and about 50 times more intense
than the >"old" Pierce SuperSignal, which is pretty darn sensitive as > it

>Has anybody tried it? Anybody has more info?? If the >rumor is true, this
could change western blotting!!

I have heard rumors that Pierce Chemical Co think that the people who read
bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts are so stupid that they think they can pass off
an ad as a legitimate post.

Anyways, a friend of a friend of my cousin's gas station attendant's
proctologist has tried the stuff and says its crap.  The rumor must not be

My $.02,

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