looking for plasmids pTrcHis A,B,C (Invitrogen)

Wed Apr 17 16:48:34 EST 1996


  My name is Eric Campeau and I am a graduate student at McGill
  University.  I am looking for the plasmids pTrcHis A,B,C from
  Invitrogen for some expression studies in E.coli. Since I would like
  to avoid paying 300 $ for those, I am sending this request.  I am
  willing to trade those for pRSET A,B,C or other plasmid that we have
  in the lab.  I need a plasmid without a T7 promoter.

                                       Thank you !

  Eric Campeau
  Graduate student
  McGill University
  e-mail: bkeh at musicb.mcgill.ca

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