Pouring sequencing gels the old fashion way

Michael Koch mkoch at usa.pipeline.com
Wed Apr 17 19:45:34 EST 1996

On Apr 17, 1996 00:21:55 in article <Pouring sequencing gels the old
fashion way>, 'rjordan at u.washington.edu (Rob Jordan)' wrote: 
Try to find a bottom spacer, never leaks unless you slap too little 
grease on them (especially on the edges).  
Some people in our lab pour them without any leak-guard. With a little  
initial help from gravity (tilting the plates up just ever so slightly)
let capillary force suck the acrylamide between the plates. Seems to 
work rather well... even though I doubt that it was easy to learn.  
>I know that everybody these days is raving about new, fast ways to pour  
>sequencing gels, but let's assume for the time being that I want to do it
>old fashioned way and tape up the edges of the gel.  I've tried three
types of  
>tape since moving to a new lab and all of them end up leaking (badly). 
>anyone give me a brand name and/or taping method they use to pour
>gels?  Every time I've used a gel that has leaked I end up with lanes
>to one side or the other. 
>rjordan at u.washington.edu

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