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Colin Rasmussen colin at
Wed Apr 17 21:10:58 EST 1996

john brennand wrote:

> Ahhh... the simple mathematics and logic of acadaemia.

Don't patronize me you jerk.
> Colin, do you really believe all companies should sell their products for cost manafacturing price + a bit to pay the rent ?

That isn't what I said. What I said is that reagents cost do not reflect a 
realistic return on the investment.
> Microsoft-ware for 75 cents (50c to academics),
> The latest REM CD for $1.50
> etc.
> I wish
> Get real

Your sarcasm reveals your ignorance.  Get real yourself.
> John

Don't be an ass. You know what I mean.  Of course a company should reasonably 
expect compensation for the cost of producing and marketing a product.  However, 
the costs of many reagents have absolutely no bearing on reality.  Another 
classic Perkin-Elmer example is the little wax chips they sell to replace mineral 
oil in reaction tubes.  They sell them for about $1 each.  You can buy 1 kg of 
paraffin wax (which is what they are) for about $5.  Given the little chips are 
about 50 ul of wax means they sell $5 worth of wax for $20,000.  There is no way 
on earth that this reflects the true cost of production and selling.

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