Are plasmids purified by Qiagen really that bad?????

Michael Koch mkoch at
Wed Apr 17 19:40:28 EST 1996

On Apr 17, 1996 04:50:55 in article <Are plasmids purified by Qiagen really
that bad?????>, 'The Wagner Lab <ewlab at>' wrote: 
We use the spin-column Quiprep kits (no resin etc). I use it for  
sequencing directly out of the tube (no re-precipitation etc) 
and only had good results. Works equally well for cloning. 
>I've been talking to some people (more dislike it than like it, that's  
>for sure) that really hate Qiagen plasmid preps because apparently the  
>DNA often doesn't work as well as Cs purified for transfections and for  
>in vitro transcription.  Does anyone have any opinions (with experimental 

>support, of course) to the contrary??  
>I've also seen some sales literature for their endotoxin-free kits-- Does 

>this mean that Qiagen is admitting a problem with purity??   
>Just curious...         Matt (Qiagen tech rep please don't contact me)

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