Are plasmids purified by Qiagen really that bad?????

Seng-Lai Tan sltan at
Wed Apr 17 13:21:46 EST 1996

yeah, but the question is plasmids purified by Qiagen kit good for
transfection (not bacterial transformation).  In hands, definitely not.
You're lucky because bacterial transformation does not require clean DNA

On 17 Apr 1996, Sailesh Surapureddi wrote:

> Hi
> Do Qiagen really have a problem?. I have been using them with DH5a and my
> results have been consistently good. Probably the strain also depends a lot
> regarding what kits you choose for Plasmid isolations. I have been doing
> ligations, transformations and even sequencing all with Qia kits and no
> problem. None what so ever so far.
> Guess I am lucky so far
> Sailesh.

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