pTAQ licence

john brennand john.brennand at
Thu Apr 18 04:36:50 EST 1996


Sorry, it wasn't meant to patronise or insult, it was meant as a 
lighthearted way of saying what i've put below.  

(I forgot, Americans [Canadians?] have trouble with Brit's sense of 
humour. I'll add a ;-) next time). 


I could trot out the standard company line on, return on investment, 
R&D, tooling, manafacturing, distribution, sales costs, market size, 
single vs return purchases, etc, etc - but it is deadly dull.

The bottom line is, $495 + a bit of effort, for a lifetime's supply of 
Taq sounds like a bloody good deal to me. If it doesn't to you, then 
fine, don't buy it.  

As with all of these things (eg, wax chips, Sigma's sterile Mol Biol 
grade water), these companies have done their market research and if 
they got it wrong, market forces will prevail and it will bomb.

It is simply offering another option for people who are smart enough to 
figure out for themselves whether it is a sound investment from their 
economic perspective.

Cheers, John

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