Plasmids purified by Qiagen - just fine!

Seng-Lai Tan sltan at
Thu Apr 18 12:03:43 EST 1996

I guess it also depends on what mammalian cells you're transfecting.  Some
are really picky and need very clean DNA.  Do your Qiagen preps work for
all your cells?  Just curious.

On 17 Apr 1996, Nikolai Chitaev wrote:

> Dear Seng-Lai Tan,
> I`m not affiliated with Qiagen by any means, with exeption that our lab routinly
> use plasmid dna purified with Qiagen mini-preps for all possible cloning work, and Qiagen
> maxi-preps for stable transfection of different mammalian cells.
> Everything works just fine. During three years of work -, no one single problem.
> I`m writing it not to say the Qiagen`s dna the best, but to say: before you blame the kit
> be sure you did everything right. Good luck.
> --
> Nikolai

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